In Germany, Paying taxes is one of the most important obligations of everybody living in the country.

However, there is a different type of taxation that implies to both single and married people.

Any single or married couple planning to relocate to Germany must understand the tax collection process in Germany.

But come to think of it

Why should citizens or people be paying taxes to church after offering, Tithe, and seed?

If you are planning to work or study in Germany

You need to know about the German tax for church or “Kirchensteuer” administered by the “Finanzamt”.

This Church taxes in Germany are almost controversial as much been hearted by peoples and citizens.

Germany is also considered as a broad state of non-religious, especially to young people.

However, either you are a Christian, Jewish, Islam or Muslim from Nigeria you will need to pay your church tax.

In Germany, both Protestant “evangelisch” churches, Roman Catholic “römisch-katholisch”, or Jewish denominations, are legal to pay church tax if you accept your faith.

When completing your registration “Anmeldung” process at any local office ” Bürgeramt”, you are to tick or declare your faith.

How Church tax is been charge in Germany?

church tax in german – kirchensteuer

Germany’s church tax depends on different Federal state but the charge is between 8% or 9% of your income tax.

The church tax is paid by everyone who receives income or salary in Germany.

Germany’s Government collects this tax on behalf of churches as charitable means and business activities.

If you are a salary earner in Germany

Tax is paid as you earn-per-month or annual income and this will reflect on your monthly payslip.

For self-employed people that run and operate a business in Germany, Church tax is not administered. But there is a separate tax code that is applicable.

There is a Business tax code that is factored in place of church tax.

This is a bill quarterly and you can avoid this through the service of tax accountant “Steuerberater”.

To know the value of your tax in Germany and other taxes that will be a charge, you can use this calculator to work it out.

How you can avoid paying Church Tax in Germany?

According to the kirchenaustritt website, the religious denomination is reducing and more babies are not been baptized due to church tax.

If you don’t want to pay tax as a Nigerian or citizen of any other country, then you DONT HAVE TO declare your faith in Germany.

You MUST also decline of been a Christian or Jews even in-home Country.

This is kind of obvious to some people, especially Christians and Jews because the law focused on them.

However, other religious denomination or faith has their own way of charitable funding or collecting tax from members.

If you are not paying church tax in Germany, you won’t baptize your baby or any of your family.

Secondly, Weeding cannot be conducted on your behalf.

Christian or Jews can still visit a church on Sunday but will not participate in all church activities or positions.

What if you are already paying church tax in Germany? How to Stop it.

If you are already a victim as per se of paying church tax in Germany, there is good news for you.

German church tax can be opt-out from your taxation or reclaim from the government.

You will not be required to use the service of any official and this can be done easily.

If you want to opt-out of the German Church tax, you will be expected to spend around €30, depending on the local office.

And if you want to reclaim your taxation or reduce the cost, you can use the German approved website to do so.

To reclaim or opt-out, you need to follow this simple step;

  • Visit any registry Office, Local office or where you did your registration “Anmeldung “
  • Go along with International Passport
  • Recent Passport Photograph, not old than six months.
  • Marriage certificate (if you are married)
  • You will be required to issue an official letter declaring your exit or leaving the church.

Please, note to keep your church exit letter for further requirements.


To sum it up;

German Church taxation focuses on foreigners who are relocating to Germany to work and study.

The “Finanzamt” as the German tax system is been called, is the process of collecting tax on behalf of Protestant and Catholic Churches.

To avoid been taxed by the German Government, you need to declare “No Religious denomination”.

For Germans, they really understand how the manipulated their process but foreigners always fail a victim.

If you don’t want to pay Church tax in German, or formally declared to exit from a church here are what you will be subjected to;

Everyone that does not pay church tax will not be allowed to do a church wedding or baptize a child.

To some people, you can still go to churches and participate in communion but can’t take church positions or be involves in church activities.

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