Many people dream of starting a profitable business in Nigeria but they are much-untapped business you can explore.

Nigeria is one of the countries in Africa that is more hardworking and the employment rate is decreasing.

However, In an extremely focused market like Nigeria, the vast majority stay confounded about what business thought to begin for greatest benefit with less challenge.

Nigeria is a blessed country with many resources and many entrepreneurs who can really inspire you.

Starting any business in this part of the country need good research.

Apart from that, you should also understand that not all businesses that are successful in the United States can be a lucrative business idea in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s economic system is large but yet there is some area in business that is yet known to the public.

These types of businesses are utilized by citizens who are ready to dig-in and take the risk.

Many of them are earning thousand of naira every day.

In this article, I will tell you about the untapped business Idea in Nigeria any average person can take advantage of.

Some of these business needs no skill while others need skill but with low capital.

With this Business idea in Nigeria, you will turn a rich man or woman overnight.

However, there is also a list of untapped business in Nigeria that is hot.

This means that as much as people are investing or starting this type of business, they are still more opportunity for startups.

What are the Untapped Business in Nigeria?

An untapped business in Nigeria are those types of businesses that are yet untouched or few numbers of people are operating it.

This type of business always have low or medium competition but with high demands by the public.

Most of these untapped business in Nigeria need skills to really profit from it.

And that is why you can benefit from this type of business idea because an average Nigerian is not ready to learn new skills but always ready for a white-collar job.

To take good advantage of any untapped business idea in Nigeria.

You first need to do good research, learn the necessary skills, write your business plan and ready for the risk.

After that, start the business idea with your personal fund, even it is small; avoid borrowing or loan at the beginning.

10 Untapped business in Nigeria 2020

Here is the list of 10 Untapped Business In Nigeria you can really profit from:

1. Radio Station

radio station in Nigeria - untapped business idea in Nigeria

The Radio station is an untapped business in Nigeria today.

Many people want to stay on top of the trend in the country and know what is the breaking news alongside entertainment.

However, business takes advantage of the listeners in advertising to them in the air and the money for the advert is paid to the Radio station.

2. Real Estate Development

real estate in Nigeria - untapped business in Nigeria

Nigerian is populated with over 180 million citizens.

However, many people still lack shelter and keep on renting space for living.

Most especially if you are moving to a city to make a living or university for learning a skill.

Real estate can make a huge amount of money especially if it’s located close to universities or colleges.

3. WallPaper Production

wallpaper in Nigeria - Untapped business idea in Nigeria

As the real estate is developing in the country many house owners use wallpaper in beautifying their home, especially in the living room.

Notwithstanding, even students who rent an apartment to study in each respective university still ensure that their home is beautiful and attractive.

However, many people also utilize this as a business in selling wallpaper in a store or shopping mall.

4. Training Centre

untapped business idea in Nigeria
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Based on how people are complaining about the economy of the nation.

Many individual looks for an alternative, which is skill acquisition

Owning a skill acquisition center or even an online learning website is one of the hottest businesses in Nigeria and the demand is increasing.

Nigerian believed that only skills are the only way to eliminate the poverty rate of the nation.

5. Electricity Alternative

solar generator in Nigeria - an electricity alternative in Nigeria

If you are living in Nigerian then you should know how hard it is to have electricity in your home or offices.

Businesses suffer much, especially if your business mostly depends on electricity to grow.

However, Nigerian are looking for electricity alternative to help facilitate the businesses and homes.

This has made some electricity alternatives like Solar Generator and Inverter an easy to go for an alternative for electricity in Nigeria.

6. Investing in Tech Company

This is one of the greatest investments many Nigerians are making today to earn more income.

Technology usage is increasing in Nigeria and many companies from India, China, and the US are coming to Nigeria.

However, many Nigerians who have digital skills, software developers and programmers are building solutions that will help sharpen the country’s growth.

And foreigners are also moving into Nigeria to build an internet-based business.

To take advantage of this, just keep your eye on new tech companies in Nigeria and invest in it.

You can find one using some startups organization or fundraising platforms.

7. Palm Oil Production

The exportation of a product like Palm Oil and other agricultural products is increasing in the country.

Many of the Oil production companies in Nigerian are located in rural areas.

This has also made many people living in the Urban area to be importing Oil from the rural area at a cheap price and sell at a high price in the cities.

8. Hall Leasing

Hall leasing is one of the hottest business in Nigeria that is growing overnight.

Many individual needs space for their wedding receptions, seminar, conferences and a lot more.

However, they will end up paying almost N200,000 to N600,000 for a hall leasing just for a one-day event.

If you want to invest in this untapped business idea in the country then you should focus on locating your Hall at a city or town where it will be easily accessible.

9. Food Invention

Food Invention is one of the untapped business in Nigeria that is you can take good advantage of.

Imagine the instant Noddles,

How many companies are now producing Noddles?

I believe that is a lot and many Nigerian eat noddles every day.

Now let look at one of our own food preservation like pounded Yam powder, Cocoyam Powder, Amala, and many others.

This has made the preparation of food that needs these ingredients easy to accomplish.

10. Shoe Production

shoe production company in Nigeria

Shoe production is one of the untapped business in Nigeria that is yet utilized by the citizens.

However, some companies in Aba, Abia State keep on duplicating the foreign-made shoes and brand it as a product of each respective owner.

Now come to think of it, If we have a Shoe company in Nigeria that is well known and has been producing quality shoe then we can take the market.

We wear shoe every day from the cover shoe, pans, sandals and bathroom sleepers

Now, which of these shoes is produced by a Nigerian company and brand as Made in Nigeria?

Untapped Business In Nigeria to start with no skill

Here is the list of Untapped Business In Nigeria with no Skill required:

1. Gas Cylinder supply

Gas cylinder in Nigeria - Untapped business idea in Nigeria

Selling or supplying gas cylinders in Nigeria needs no skill to really profit from this business.

Everybody wants to cook with gas in Nigeria and you can turn it as a business for you, even owning a mini gas station.

2. Event Ushering

event ushering business in Nigeria

Event ushering is one of the untapped business ideas in Nigeria that needs no skill in operating it successfully.

You only need to know how to source for a client or connect with photographers, event managers, event centers and wedding organizers to help you with one.

This is the people who might need your service directly or indirectly.

Move ahead in coordinate a group of five to ten peoples depending on how you grow.

Have a well uniform dress for your group.

Put more swag in your uniform dress as you grow and snap pictures for every event that uses your service.

post it on social media to gain new clients.

3. Hair Salon (Unisex)

hair dressing salon in Nigeria

Starting a business of hair salon either unisex or for a particular gender might and may not need skill.

However, you can start a hair salon with an aim to run it yourself or hire a skilled person to manage it for you.

The choice is yours and the profit is massive depend on the location.

4. Exportation of Agro Product

exportation of agriculture product in Nigeria

The exportation of an agricultural product does not really need the skill to run and operate a successful one.

However, Nigeria is well blessed with a rich agro product that other countries are purchasing for a high price.

The only this you will need is a connection with someone living in that particular country or relative rather.

Agro Products like Kolanut, Palm Oil, rubber, local rice, plantain, yam, maize, cassava, groundnut and palm kernel, and many others is the best product.

5. Hire-Purchasing

They are no doubt that many Nigerian are already utilizing this opportunity but yet the demand is still high.

However, with good roads own by the nation, the transportation business is still one of the best businesses in Nigeria.

You can start purchasing vehicles like tricycle(KEKE), minibus or cars for taxi and give to drivers on hire purchase.

6. Mini Importation

how to start a mini importation business in Nigeria

The importation business in Nigeria is taking another level and many people are still making huge money from it.

However, you can choose to do your importation business either offline or online.

You can start to import products like jewelry, running shoes, computer accessories, garage and more.

7. Recycling

how to start a plastic recycling business in Nigeria

The Recycling business is one of the untapped business in Nigeria seen as a dirty job by most people.

Many Nigerian are earn a good living from this business as a family and even recruit people to help fasten it.

What you need to know about this recycling business is that it has many areas.

However, you can choose to start a recycle plastic bottles, empty can drink, newspapers, bulbs, batteries, glass, and many others.

This can be used to reproduce either stainless steel, glass, tiles, tissue papers, exercise books and a lot more.

Just find out how to start a recycling business in Nigeria.

10 Untapped Business In Nigeria with low capital

Here is the list of 10 Untapped Business In Nigeria with low capital you can really profit from:

1. Selling of Okrika Cloth

How to start Okrika cloth business in Nigeria

We all know how every Nigerian love to buy an Okrika cloth order than purchasing the expensive ones.

However, you can start this business with low capital as 20k.

But you will need to focus on one particular market either polos, shirts, bedspread or juggers wear.

2. Sewing

You can start a sewing business with as low as 50k in Nigeria and run it from home.

However, you will first need to acquire the skill before embarking on this business.

If you have more than 50k to invest in this business then you can hire a professional to work for you and rent a shop.

3. Snail Farming

Snail farm requires low capital to start a successful one in Nigeria. The business can make you a huge amount of money within your first year.

4. Poultry Farm

Poultry Farm in Nigeria

Starting a poultry farm requires just a low capital which you can succeed with as low as 30k at the start.

However, you can start with just 60 birds.

If good care is giving to the birds then you can realize at least 50 birds within 8 weeks to sell out and make a huge profit.

5. Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning services in Nigeria

You can imagine how hard it is to do some cleaning in the house or cleaning your space for an event.

However, most of it is post-construction cleaning, moving-in, and moving-out in a residential building.

You can make good money with this business depending on your location but cities turn-out to be the best place for such a business.

6. Laundry

laundry business in Nigeria

Laundry is one of the fastest-growing businesses in Nigeria yet untapped in some locations.

depending on your location, this business can turn out to be your best source of income in Nigeria.

However, you are not required to invest much to see your profit from this business.

You can start with as low as 10k from your home.

In addition, you just need detergents, water, soap, bucket, rope, and a good pressing iron.

You can choose to upgrade in the future to acquire a shop to run and operate it.

7. Day-Care center

day care service

You can imagine how many moms and families that need help with their child as they grow.

However, if you have a skill and love for children then you can help these families in taking care of their kids while they focus on business and work.

You can later upgrade to Nursery school and primary school in the future.

This business can start and run in your home if your space is nice and decently look.

8. Cassava Processing.

Cassava processing is another big untapped business idea in Nigeria. However, you can choose to either process garri or FuFu(Eba).

9. Freelancing

freelancing jobs in Nigeria

You start a freelancing career in either content writing, ghostwriting, copywriting, SEO service, Software development, programming or any skill you have already acquired.

However, this kind of business can run and succeed with just zero Naira.

You can join some good platforms likes Fiverr, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour and a lot more.

Use the Google search engine to find the one that fits you.

10. Gas Vendor/Station

gas vendor in Nigeria

Cooking gas is one of the best businesses in Nigeria to start with low capital.

However, you will not need many funds is to start this business in Nigeria.

The business can succeed with just operating it from the roadside and grow it in the future.

10 untapped business in Nigeria for The Internet Industry

Here is the list of 10 Untapped Business in the Internet Industry of Nigeria.

This untapped business in Nigeria for the internet industry can make you huge millions of Nigeria within 12 months.

1. Amination Movies

animation company in Nigeria - untapped business idea in Nigeria

Amination movies are not only attributed to children these days. Many Adults love watching a cartoon and some of those interesting ones.

However, This business idea in Nigerian Internet Industry is yet untapped due to software developers.

But believe me, If you have the skills to develop good amination movies in your native language then you are about o hit the market very fast.

You can go a long way in creating amination for music, products, adverts and many more.

I promise you that any good amination company in Nigeria will be selling faster than expected.

2. Programming Website

programming websites in Nigeria - untapped business idea in Nigeria

Many Nigerian want to learn how to code and write some good programming code that solves one of the nation’s demands on the internet.

However, If you can come up with a good programming website that teaches people how to write code with either HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python or PHP then you will earn a lot of money either form a paid membership or free access then monetize it with Google AdSense.

3. Online Store/Dropshipping

online store in Nigeria - untapped business idea in Nigeria

From a static site release, over 20 million goods are sold every month by the Nigerian popular online store “Jumia“.

Imagine you have an online store that gets at least 30,000 monthly sales of a product at the price of 10k for each.

You will discover that you have made 3 Billion Naira plus in just a month.

However, you can create and own an online store without hiring a professional to do so.

In addition, a popular website like Wix can help you create your own eCommerce website with a few minutes.

Or you can try Shopify and Alidropshipping which allows you to own a dropshipping website of a product you don’t keep any inventory.

4. Online Tutor Website

online tutor website in Nigeria - untapped business idea in Nigeria

Nigerians are so much interested in learning digital skills that will land them money very fast or helps in getting a new job.

However, If you have the skill of developing such a website then you can make a huge amount of money either through paid membership, courses purchase or free access and monetize it with Google AdSense.

You will not need to create all the courses yourself.

You can adapt the method of Udemy which allows other people to create the courses and you earn a little from it.

5. Vlogging

Vlogger in Nigeria - untapped business idea in Nigeria

Vlogging is like blogging.

Vlog has to do with the posting of video content while the blog has to do with the posting of written content.

Many Nigerian are making a huge amount of dollars every month from this untapped business idea in Nigeria mainly from YouTube.

You can run a Youtube channel as an individual or group of people depending on your purpose and niche.

6. Writing Agency.

writing agency in Nigeria - untapped business idea in Nigeria

Can’t imagine the number of people who are looking for an individual to help in writing web page content or school project.

However, a writing agency will make you a huge amount of money in Nigeria as demands for native writing service is increasing.

7. Social Media Marketing Agency

Social Media Marketing Agency - untapped business idea in Nigeria

Social media marketing and social media management are some of the untapped business in Nigeria.

However, many businesses need helping hands in managing their social media presence and skilled personal in running a social media campaign.

But you will need the skills and good reliable tools in running a successful social media marketing Agency in Nigeria which you can acquire from Google free course.

8. Professional SEO Agency.

Professional SEO Agency - untapped business idea in Nigeria

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Agency needs more than just skills in achieving a good result for your clients.

Most people will use your service based on recommendations and reviews.

However, If you have the skills to run a good SEO agency with great tools that will deliver your customers desire then you are definitely making a huge amount of income from it.

9. Photo Company

photo website - untapped business idea in Nigeria

If you are a blogger then you will imagine how many times you are frustrated with African images that naturally speak for your content.

However, they are many photo companies but they are based in the US and UK.

If you can create a photo company in Nigeria that people can find African style and location images then you will make a huge amount of money within a year.

10. Blogging

blogging in Nigeria - Untapped business idea in Nigeria

Blogging is one of the untapped business in Nigeria even they are many Nigeria utilizing the business idea but they are still space for new people.

You just need skill in creating a blog and manging it with new content every day.

However, If you don’t know how to create a blog and running a successful one then a website like ProBlogging,, and YouTube can be your best sources for help.

In conclusion.

We would love to know which of this business is the best choice for you and why?

If you also think this list of Untapped business Ideas in Nigeria is useful then you can share it with your friends on social media.

Hope this is useful to you.

You can use the comment to ask any question that might border you or share what we have not covered in this article.



Solomon George is a fast guru digging dip to the Nigerian web data. His friend called him "Solorosco". He write for Thingstoknow, ScholarshipUpdate and many more.


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