When talking about the cleanest state in Nigeria, you will accept with me that they are some states that are better than others.

Nigerian is changing and some state is performing more better than others.

However, this is because other states are investing while others are not.

Besides, it might also be that state allocation is higher than others.

For whatsoever you might be thinking, I am here to tell you the fact.

Many people have attributed this country a dum, but I don’t think you are among them.

The fact is that most of the cleanest states in Nigeria are richer than others and they love investing in their growth.

Another reason will also be that they have good leadership than other states in Nigeria.

However, this has made some states in Nigeria 10 times better than others in terms of cleanliness.

If you have traveled around the country as I do, then you will accept with me that the list is fact.

But before I move into the details.

The cleanest state in Nigeria is Abuja followed by Lagos, Cross River, and others.

Now let me tell you the cleanest state in detail.

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1. Abuja

Most Expensive Place in Abuja

Abuja is one of the cleanest states in Nigeria starting from the Abuja city to other districts of the state.

We all know that Abuja is the Capital Of Nigeria and that is where most of the county administrative office is located.

However, the Abuja city was planned and built-in 1980 after relocating the capital to the state.

The state have six Local Government Area and the city are divided into both commercial area and residential area.

If you had visited the state before, you will agree with me that it is an expensive state to live in Nigeria.

The state becomes the state capital in 1991 after moving the capital from Lagos.

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2. Lagos

cleanest state in Nigeria

Lagos takes the second on the list cleanest states in Nigeria with the main focus on Ikeja, the state capital.

However, the state capital is also where the Murtala Mohammed International Airport was built.

Besides, the state also have some beautiful estates and place that worth visiting.

The most expensive places in Nigeria are located in Lagos which his Banana Island and Eko Atlantic.

The State is also one of the most populated states in Nigeria and a city of business offices for both Nigerians and foreigners.

Nevertheless. the city have everything you could literally ask for. Starting from a shopping mall, cinema, Government residential area, clubhouse, and many other things.

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3. Cross River State.

cleanest state in Nigeria

Cross River State is located in the south-south region of Nigeria.

The state is mostly known as one of the expensive states in Nigeria.

If you are looking for the cleanest State in Nigeria then Cross River State is the number third on the list.

It is one of the states that offer the best hospitality service and it is mostly known to foreigners and citizens in the festive seasons.

During this time, the host one of the largest street party in Africa where citizens from all over the country will plan to attain.

Foreigner is not left out as people travel from London, Brazil, US, and Canada to witness the occasion.

However, most of the attractive tourism location is Tinapa Resort, Obudu Cattle Ranch, Marina resort and many other.

Cross River indigenes are mostly addressed as Calabar man or woman. 

Besides, the have the riches recipes in Nigeria.

You need to check this one out.

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4. Akwa Ibom State

cleanest state in Nigeria

Akwa Ibom state is also located in the South-south region of Nigeria.

It was created on September 23, 1987, out of the Cross Rivers and its state capital is Uyo.

However, this state is also the main oil production state of Nigeria and the second richest state in Nigeria.

The state is the fastest-growing state in Nigeria which have many infrastructures mostly during the Governor Apabio tenure.

Akwa Ibom State is where the best Stadium in Nigeria is located.

If you have not visited this state before then you need to try and do so because you are missing many tourism locations within the state.

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5. Rivers State

cleanest state in Nigeria

Rivers State is also located in the south-south region of Nigeria.

However, it is the highest oil-producing State in Nigeria and where most of the Nigerian businesses are located.

The state is mostly known for industries because this is where you will find many oil companies in Nigeria.

To name it, Shell, NNPC, Chevron, and other oil company is also located in this state.

Besides, it is one of the expensive states in Nigeria and life they are always at best.

To sum it up!

This is the comprehensive list of the top 5 cleanest states in Nigeria.

Do let me know if the states merit the list by using the comment area.

Please, I will also love if you can share it with your friend.



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