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How old is Di’ Ja? – Mavin Princess

If you want to know how old is Di’ Ja? then I think I have the answer for you.

Di’ja was born on August 14, 1989, in Kaduna State, Nigeria.

However, Di’ja is 30 years old now if calculated from August 1989 to August 2019.

What is Di’ Ja Real Name?

This also got us in revealing her real name.

The Nigerian Singer and songwriter is by real name Hadiza Blell.

She is extremely attractive, innovative and also gifted.

Her Origin

Di’ Ja’s mother is from Kaduna State, the north part of Nigeria while her father is from Sierra Leone in West Africa.

She is a Muslim by religion.

Her stage name was drawn from these two names “Hadiza and Khadija”. where she is now using as a stage name “Di’ Ja”.

However, she is now having dual citizenship which is Nigerian and Sierra Leonean.

Her fans and other musicians across Nigeria and Sierra Leone enjoy her songs most especially “Awww”.

Her Turning Point

This amazing singer and songwriter have lived in Nigeria, Canada, U.S.A and as well as Sierra Leone.

She started her music career in Canada back then in 2008 where she was hired to vocal performance which led to her winning an award and released her new single in 2009 “Rock Steady”.

Later, she moved back o Nigeria and she was signed to Mavin Records in February 2012 where she is now addressed as MAVIN PRINCESS.

She Launched her very first album the same day she was signed to the record label.

In May 2014, Di’Ja ended up being a high influence performer after featuring in the hit single ‘Durobucci’.

However, she has won the Best New Artist award at the Beat Music Awards in 2008.

Nominated for Best Urban/R&B Single in 2009 organized by the Canadian Radio Award.

Di’ja is the reason for her songs occupation has actually won a number of awards.

Currently, her net worth is estimated to be $450,000.

Di’Ja Profession

Di’ Ja is a quick-rising Nigerian- Sierra Leonean Singer, Songwriter, and stage performer artist.

However, That is not only what she is doing for a living.

She is a professional in several fields including; fashion design, graphic design, model, record artistic, philanthropist, and humanitarian.

She completed her primary and high school in Nigeria and moved to Canada to further her studies.

However, she is a very beautiful mother of two children with two degrees in Biology and Psychology.

Both obtained in Canada and in the United States of America respectively.

Where is Di’Ja currently Living?

Although this fast-growing artist have traveled to many countries she finds it convenient to live in her mother’s land.

However, Di’ Ja is currently living in Nigeria with her husband and her two kids.

She got married in December 2015 to the love of her heart Romiti.

The family is blessed with a son and daughter which she gave birth to in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

More stories about Di’ Ja can be found on this page.

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