There are some sex questions you can ask a girl or a guy and you turn him or her on.

Discussing sex with your friends can be fun.

Asking your girlfriend or your boyfriend the appropriate sex questions can be very amazing.

It can be interesting as well as can occasionally be fun too.

However, sex has now become the most discussed topic between a girl and a guy.

Some of it can be a partner while others can just be crush or finding interest in just sex with sexual intimacy.

Besides. asking the right person the right question can be exciting and help you understand that person taught behind sex.

Nevertheless, some of the sex questions listed here will sound stupid, romantic and often dramatic.

But it able you to understand your boyfriend or your girlfriend better and what she really thinks about sex.

In fact, If you wish to discover even more concerning your boyfriend or your girlfriend’s sexual desire and urge.

We have a list of option sex questions and how you can start asking any girl or a virgin for sex.

You can use these sex questions to begin the conversation at any time with your friend.

Even if not all of the sex questions listed here are appropriate for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

You can select the sex question that interests you the most and have some fun asking your partner.

Here are the 150+ Sex questions to ask a girl, a guy, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, just a friend or even a virgin.

However, some are more on the flirty, symptomatic, while others are rather risque, freaky, and dirty questions for sexual intimacy.

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Hot Sex Questions to Ask a Girl

Sex Questions to ask a girl
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1. Will you love having sex at night, in the early morning, mid-afternoon, or RIGHT NOW?

2. How do you prefer to be seduced?

3. Who was the first person that gave you orgasm?

4. How many guys have you slept with?

5. What is your best sex position?

6. Which of the places do you prefer to have sex?

7. At what age do you have your first sex?

8. What can you say about how that first orgasm feel like?

9. What is the most stupid sexual thing you have ever done?

10. What inspired you to have your first sex?

11. In your own perspective, how would you say am good in bed?

12. Has the penis ever touch the last point of your vagina?

13. What type of porn video turn you on?

14. Have you ever had sex with your both eyes closed?

15. Which part of your body will you like me to touch?

16. What is the favorite sex you have ever had before?

17. Name the sex position you would like us to try today?

18. Do you always make noise or quite while having sex?

19. Would you like to kiss while having sex?

20. Do you often get tired after sex?

21. Would you like to have sex in a dark room or with light?

22. Have you ever had sex in a car before?

23. Have you ever be in-charge of sex before?

24. Have you ever ask a guy for sex before?

25. Do you like sex with or without a condom?

26. How many sex positions do you know?

27. How will you know If I am the right person for you?

28. Have you ever cheated on me?

29. What have you ever sacrifice for me?

30. How can I believe that you love me?

20 Sex Questions to Ask a Guy over Text.

sex questions to ask a guy on text

31. What do you do when you get horny in public?

32. How do you put yourself together when you have a penis erection in while staring at a girl?

33. Do you always watch pron videos?

34. How many girls have you slept with?

35. How fast do you always fall in love with someone?

36. What kind of woman do you want in your life?

37. How do you know the best woman? What are her features?

38. Has a woman ever ask you out?

39. How do you know that a woman is ready for sex?

40. Have you ever think about having sex with any of your teachers?

41. Have you ever kissed a stranger?

42. How does it feel like to cheat on a woman?

43. Have you ever been captured having sex?

44. How frequently do you masturbate?

45. Are you a jealous person?

46. How many times have you been in relationships?

47. After me who is a best female friend (don’t mention your mother or any of your family)

48. Do you think I am the best or your ex?

49. Have you ever lie to a girl?

50. Have you ever beat a girl?

Sex Questions to Ask A Virgin

sex question to ask a virgin (photo credit: ThingsToKnow Media Publishing)

51. Can you recall the first time you felt aroused?

52. How do you feel when boyfriend and girlfriend are walking together?

53. Have someone ever make an attempt to have sex with you?

54. How was your first kiss?

55. At what age would you love to ask your first sex?

56. Do you have a crush?

57. How would you want your first sex to look like?

58. Who is your best male friend?

59. Do you ever think of having sex with your best male friend?

60. How do you see yourself when looking at the mirror been naked?

61. How do you feel when your friends are talking about sex?

62. Have you ever watch someone having sex? what did you do?

63. Would you like me to be the person that disvirgin you?

64. What has your mum said about your virginity?

65. Do you think your mum was a virgin when she got married to your dad?

66. Have you ever thought about being in a relationship?

67. What are the craziest things you have ever done with a guy?

68. How do you see sex before marriage?

69. What is the sexiest dress you have ever wear?

70. How do you feel if someone sends you porn?

Freaky Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

freaky questions to ask your boyfriend

71. What would be your finest reason to break up with me?

72. Would you still love me if you discover I have a deadly disease?

73. What lingerie would you prefer to see me wearing?

74. At what age do you plan to get married?

75. Who was your first girlfriend?

76. How would you react If I ask for a break-up?

77. Tell me what you don’t like about me?

78. How do you feel like when hooking a lady?

79. If you are to choose the best place to have sex in the world, where would that be?

80. Have you ever send a naked picture of yourself to someone?

81. How long can you last on the bed?

82. Have you ever ask a strange girl for sex before?

83. What are your goals in life?

84. Would you marry a disability person?

85. What do you think about evolution?

86. How would you feel if you are the last person on earth?

87. What is your best intimate experience?

88. Who is your best intimate partner?

89. Do you still have a sexual urge for your ex?

90. What do you think about a woman that agrees to have sex with you?

91. How long was your last intimate relationship?

92. Have you ever regret having an intimate relationship with your partner?

93. What makes you go this far for me?

94. What is your own opinion about secret dating?

95. Do you discuss your relationships with your friends?

96. Do you love informing your parents about your relationship?

97. Do you recall the former things in a relationship?

98. Have you ever kill?

99. Have you ever rape?

100. Do you prefer Kinky sex?

Romantic Sex Questions to Ask a Girl

romantic sex questions to ask a girl

101. What is your ideal kept an intimate secret?

102. What was your first impression when we first met?

103. Do you still feel for your ex?

104. If I have to move to another location for many years, would you still wait for me?

105. How do you feel about distance relationships?

106. Who was your first boyfriend?

107. How would you feel if I choose to date someone else?

108. Have you ever had sex with someone and regret?

109. Have you ever kissed a girl like you?

110. Does stupid talk get you aroused?

111. How was your first one night stand like?

112. What do you feel like when sex is in your mind?

113. Have you ever cry while having sex?

114. How long does it take you to release?

115. What turn you on the most during sex?

116. Do you think I exist in your future?

117. What have you learned in Life about guys?

118. What is it in my life that you love the most?

119. How many times have you looked at me from a distance?

120. Do you think love is money?

121. Are you a virgin?

122. Would you abandon me to another guy?

123. Do you love children?

124. What would you like to change in me?

125. Do you always like going out with me?

126. What would you do if your best friend told you she caught me with another girl?

127. Have you ever feel like someone is observing you?

128. If you have a chance to sex your ex, will you?

129. How would you certainly respond if I had a much more major intimate partnership in the past?

130. Do you consider love at first sight?

Dirty Sex Questions to Ask Friends

131. What is the dirtiest thought you have ever had before concerning unfamiliar people?

132. Do you always dream of having sex while sleeping?

133. How would you dominate your manager sexually if provided the chance?

134. What’s your dirtiest sexual fantasy?

135. Have you ever feel like having sex with someone that is older than you?

136. What’s the dirtiest thought someone’s had ever told you while having sex?

137. Have you ever had sex with a married man or woman?

138. What is the dirtiest thing someone has ever told you about your naked body?

139. Have you ever dream about having sex with your crush?

140. When was the last time you orgasmed in your sleep?

141. What is the dirtiest message you have ever sent out or received?

142. Do you practice blowjob?

143. What’s your best blowjob technique?

144. Do you ever skinny dipping?

145. Have you ever sleep with someone you work for?

146. Would you love to have group sex?

147. If you are asked to sleep with any celebrity, who would that be?

148. Do you like using props in the bedroom?

149. What’s the utmost role bet you?

150. Who is your favored pornography celebrity?

Flirty Sex Questions to Ask a Guy

151. What is your favorite sexual fantasies?

152. Have you ever masturbated in a public toilet?

153. What is the strange thing you have thought about while touching yourself?

154. What is the best prop you have ever used to get yourself off?

155. Do you love quickly?

156. Where was the strange location you ever had sex?

157. If you have the chance, which of my friends would you love to have sex with?

158. Have you ever had sex with a girl whose name is unknown to you?

159. Have you ever Kissed a guy like you?

160. When last did you dream about sex?

161. If you are to choose what I should wear right now, what will that be?

162. What is the best thing that sexually attracts you to a woman?

163. Will you marry me?

164. If I mistakenly get pregnant for you, will you marry me?

165. What do you think about my mother, father, and siblings?

166. Do you like my friends?

167. What will you do if I ask you to disconnect with your friends?

168. Which of my friends got you attracted the most?

169. If I had an accident and was paralyzed, would you still love me?

170. Would you forgive me if I had sex with another guy and regretted it?

Sexually Intimate Questions for Couples

sex questions to ask a girl or a uy

171. What if you walk up one morning and discover I have just three days to die?

172. How did you feel when we had our first sex?

173. What do you like about me when we have sex?

174. Who was your first date?

175. Have you ever have sex with a stranger just to satisfied his or her urge?

176. Have you ever cheated on your date before? and why?

177. Is there anything you won’t like doing while on the bed?

177. What is your best part of my body?

178. Have you ever done anal sex before?

179. Do you love having sex at a shower?

180. What was your most embraced sex experience ever?

181. What is your best sex experience with me?

182. Who were your ex, and what ends your relationships with them?

183. Have you ever been forced to have sex?

184. Would you sleep with another girl if am out of town?

185. What if a girl seduced you, would you fall for her?

186. Do you trust in God and why?

187. Have you sexually harras any woman before?

188. What are you embarrassed about?

189. What is your major goal in life?

190. What is your best novel?

191. How would you use three words to tell a story of yourself?

192. Who is your hero?

193.. Who inspires you in life?

194. who is your role model?

195. Do you what you expect while on the bed?

196. How would you define intimacy?

197. What if am being asked to have sex with my boss, how will you feel?

198. What will you think if you found me and your best friend in a hotel?

199. What if you discover that I had sex with your best friend, will you still marry me?

200. How will you feel if I tell you I have sex with your sister last night?

Your Opinion

How would you feel if any of these questions is thrown to you by your boyfriend or your girlfriend?

Besides, which of these sex questions would you like to ask a girl, a friend, your boyfriend or your girlfriend?

Do let us know down in the comment section.



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