Are you asking about which song did Teni write for Davido?

Teni Entertainer has openly disclosed on her Twitter account that she write Davido’s newest song “Like Dat”.

She has also reported that Wizkid’s followers want her to write for Wizkid.

However, the fast-rising artist, Teniola, has declared to have created Davido’s brand-new track, “Like Dat” which the OBO singer dropped on his birthday.

Besides, some followers are not happy that she had to disclosed she wrote the song for Davido.

Teni has a track labeled “Fargin” required to her Twitter account to disclose she wrote the track for Davido.

She additionally provided a shout out to the Davido Songs Worldwide for encouraging her as well as supporting young writers like herself.

Which song did Teni write for Davido

However, some people are wondering why she had to make such an announcement to her fans on social media.

You will be glad to know that Teni was signed to Davido label before she had to move out to a new label.

Besides, Teni Entertainer is currently signed on to Dr. Dolor Home Entertainment.

However, she has been tipped as one of the young artistes hit the limelight in the coming years.

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Why will Teni Reveal she wrote a song for Davido?

Which song did Teni write for Davido

Many fans are still asking what song did Teni writes for Davido?

Although some followers have asked her whether it is proper for her to announced that she wrote a song for her previous boss.

This have also got this tweet trending on social media while some fans are wondering whether Davido will still release the song.

Which song did Teni write for Davido
Which song did Teni write for Davido

However, followers stated that it is right for the singer “Davido” to give a shout out to the songwriter “Teni”.

Because that how it is done in America.

This is one of the practices that the Nigerian Musicians have not been doing for years.

Which song did Teni write for Davido

Eniola Quick another songwriter got to also reveal in the trending tweet that he wrote the song “Fargin” for Teni.

Since “Teni” aims at exposing that she wrote the song “Like Dat” for Davido then it is also normal for him to also reveal the song he writes for “Teni”.

Most of the fans have also asked her to write a song for Wizkid because he seriously needs a songwriter.

Which song did Teni write for Davido

If you are still wondering which of the song is “Like Dat” in which Teni claims the songwriter for Davido.

Here is the Video

Which song did Teni write for Davido?

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