The agents of socialization are one of the remarkable contributions towards the change in individuals’ lives.

However, the process to achieve better socialization in life happen through these agents of socialization.

According to many sources, here are the 6 agents of socialization;

  • The family
  • Your Peer group
  • School
  • The Church
  • The mass media and
  • Work
 Agents of socialization image source:
Agents of socialization image source:

Socialization happens in everybody’s lifetime yet, most of this socialization process occurs in the young ones.

In Nigerian, the most important and influential agents of socialization are the 6 agents of socialization mention above.

However, during our younger age in life.

We are influenced by the family, the peer group we chose to belong to, the school we attained and the church we worship or mosque.

This are the main agents of socialization that will definitely influence your life, especially in childhood.

Moreover, the family is considered to be significant agents of socialization because we all start from the house.

Besides, et see what is the definition of socialization.

What is Socialization?

Socialization can be defined as the way toward teaching and learning of the different standards, qualities, issues, and exercises of the general public.

Through this, an individual is made a typical person, who has a culture and is fit and can take part effectively in social relations within his or her society.

Perhaps, you can also choose to say that Socialization is a procedure by which citizens are instructed on the qualities, frames of mind, and convictions of the general public.

It is through socialization that citizens disguise the way of life of society and you can achieve this through the agents of socialization.

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What is meant by agents of socialization?

There are some striking agents that contribute in one manner or the other in changing the individual.

However, these agent’s roles and desires are pointing at the following important aspect.

which are; the family, peer, the school, church, mass media, and work.

Moreover, let me discuss these agents of socialization in a way that you will understand.

The 6 Agents of Socialization

In Nigeria, here are the 6 agents of socialization that really involves in lives.

1. The Family

The family you happen to find yourself is the first place and regarded as a primary agent of socialization.

Looking at the nation, the very first place and where you will always turn to is your family.

However, this family consists of your father, mother, siblings and other members of your extended family.

It is right to know that everything a child will learn the first must or will be taught by their parents.

Besides, childhood also involves the stage of children learning from their parent’s behavior and what they say each day.

In fact, how you react to the situation is what the child will adapt and learn from it.

Moreover, it is the family that instructs individuals casually through the aberrant educating and inculcation of their qualities and standards.

2. School

Everyone needs education either homeschooling or through public school.

However, school is another important agent of socialization that influence children and individual lives.

Institutions in both elementary are assumed an outstanding role in the socialization of Nigerian citizens.

However, socialization in the school is formalized.

There are arranged timetables and a differentiated educational program for the powerful transmission of culture in all repercussions.

In school, certain standards are instructed to the children which include, trustworthiness, promptness, great social relationship, among others.

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3. Peers

The people you associate with are another essential agent of socialization.

The friend group as an essential operator of socialization is made out of certain individuals sharing generally equivalent status.

This are bound together by some private ties and sharing come beliefs to which they all concur.

It is generally made out of children who are companions, of an age section, fellowship ties, and little workgroups.

The peer gathering of an individual will, in general, mingle the person through talks, correspondence of thoughts.

However, this also goes a long way thought issues of enthusiasm among all individuals in like manner.

4. Church or Mosque 

Where you associate as a religion also plays an important role in socialization.

Church or mosque is a structure that harbors individuals who have faith in the Supreme power called God or Allah for the Muslims.

However, the essential point of any congregation is to teach the children confidence, faith, and moral values.

Moreover, this is achieved through referencing the Holy book called Bible (Christians) and Koran (Muslims).

5. The Mass Media

We all know that children in Nigeria can assess the internet or other mass media alternative without the guidance of their parents.

However, mass media in this sense includes; radios, televisions, Newspapers, social media, video streaming sites, and other publications.

The mass media mingle adolescents by giving data, instruction, and entertaining at the same time.

Here, individuals are associated through what they read, tune in to and watch on the internet.

Through access to the following mass media, individual are learning new things and can learn what is not right for his or her age.

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6. Work

Your career choice is also another important agent of socialization in the nation.

However, this is because the career you choose will also help in affecting your choice of workspace.

Work as well as peer set to achieve the same thing when it comes to agents of socialization but the difference is that both occur in different times of life.

Moreover, employees will definitely seek to acquire new skills or achieve a task in which socialization is involved.

During the process, individual are set to read or research on many things which that involves printed materials, technology or seeking advice from a co-worker.

However, what do you think about the following agents of socialization and what can you contribute to it.

Use the comment to tell us how you feel because we are curious about knowing it.



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