To sign up to your Facebook account is easy, what about How to delete your Facebook account?

Facebook is the most popular social media in Nigeria and in the entire world.

However, it is rank as the second most used website in Nigeria with over two billion monthly unique users.

Moreover, to sign in to your Facebook account, you only need your email or phone number to access your Facebook account.

But what if you want to delete your Facebook account like you are peace off on how Facebook is connecting you and don’t enjoy using it anymore.

Besides, that is what we are going to show you today.

I mean, how to delete your Facebook account.

Deleting your Facebook account can occur if you are tired of your friend’s drama, gossip, no more interesting.

Or it maybe you don’t want to use the account anymore because you have two accounts and want to delete one.

But before you move over to deleting your Facebook account,

First of all, download your account including your photos and chat in case you need it again.

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How to Download your Facebook Account.

There is no doubt that many individuals are using Facebook as a storage device for their photos and won’t like missing those photos.

Properly you will want to download your photos in just one click and other information.

However, before you move over to deleting your Facebook account, it is advisable to download your account information.

To do that, Sign in to your Facebook account and click on download your information tool.

Facebook menu - How to Delete Your Facebook Account
How to download your Facebook account information

Besides, you are to perform the process of how to download your Facebook account using a web browser instead of phone app.

Moreover, here are how you should follow the process easily.

  • Sign in to your Facebook account using a web browser
  • On the top menu, tap on a small down arrow icon▼at the top right corner
  • When a menu pull-down, click on “settings“.
  • Another menu will show, click on “Download your Facebook information” at the left hand of the navigation column.
  • Tap on “Download your information“.
  • Now start to check or uncheck does checkboxes of the data you wish to download.
  • On top of “your information” choose the media format and quality you wish.
  • Next tap on “Create File”
  • Now your request to download your account information will be on pending and start assembling the available files.

During the time Facebook are assembling your data, properly; this can take up to a minute, hours or days for the information.

When the data assembling is completed.

Facebook will send you a notification that your assembles data are ready to be download.

If you have received that notification, here is the next step to take to download your information.

  • Follow the previous steps to where you will find“download your information”.
  • Find the “available files tab” and click on it.
  • on the next window, tap on “Download”.
  • Enter your password and let the downloading process start.
  • prior to the completed process, you will find your downloaded file on your selected folder.

If you have all this process, now its time for you to move over to deleting your Facebook account.

However, if you delete your Facebook account now, you stand no chance to lose anything such as your photos and messages.

How to Permanently Delete your Facebook Account

Here is the process you need to follow to permanently delete your Facebook account.

Besides, use your web browser on the computer instead of the phone app.

Facebook menu
How to permanently delete your Facebook account
  • Sign in to your Facebook account (using a web browser).
  • On the top menu, tap on a small down arrow icon▼at the top right corner
  • When a menu pull-down, click on “settings“.
  • Click on “Your Facebook Information” at the left navigation column.
  • On the new window, click on “Deactivation and Deletion“.
  • Select “Delete Account“.
  • Tap on “Continue to Account Deletion“.
  • Insert your password.
  • Click “continue“.
  • Lastly, click on “Delete Account”.

Now you have successfully deleted your Facebook account.

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