I was once a victim who wakes up one morning try to login to my Facebook but discover that my Facebook account is blocked and I was figuring out how to open it.

You properly not the first person that is experienced this.

So if I had succeeded in doing it why not show other people how I achieved that.

Perhaps, I stand to lose nothing because I believe knowledge is worth sharing.

When Facebook was first presented, nobody had imagined that soon it will contact the skies of accomplishment.

Facebook has gone route far than only a web-based life webpage.

From posting your musings, pictures, making a business fan page for making pages for your business.

This stage has gotten a lot of prominent than we have ever envisioned.

However, this occurred because of the unmatchable scope of highlights and world-class security.

To keep up the security of individuals from the Facebook community.

Their information and personality, the organization obstructs the records which appear to be suspicious or challenge the safety efforts characterized by Facebook.

Once in a while, the reliable Facebook user likes you need to confront difficulties like “My Facebook Account is Blocked”.

This can be a disappointing situation.

Be that as it may, whenever treated appropriately, you can open the record the coincidentally blocked Facebook account.

Prior to arriving at the arrangement.

We should comprehend the other related perspectives, for example, reasons or manifestations of a blocked Facebook account.

Why Facebook block my account

Here are the main fact that makes Facebook block your account.

  • You are creating a fake Facebook account
  • Properly this is not your first account with the same number or email
  • You are posting bad content to your Facebook account.
  • Sending bulk friends request or message to people
  • You are doing something suspicious that is against privacy security.
  • Harassing other Facebook users.
  • Posting prohibited content or an undesired approach concerning dating.
  • Possibly the Facebook is rolling out scarcely any improvements in the security arrangement or improving the database.
  • Somebody has detailed your record as spam or as phony, this can lead your account to be blocked.

How to Know If my account is blocked

Here are some of the stuff you will properly notice as a sign that your account is blocked by Facebook.

  • Having problem Sign in even with the correct password
  • Unable to change your current password
  • You are no eligible to create a business page
  • Inability to publish to your account
  • You cannot add or accept new friends request
  • You know more have access to the update of your setting

How to open a Blocked Facebook Account.

Now here is the main deal about how you can open your blocked Facebook account.

First, do understand that you have no access to your account except through this means.

But wait for 4 days before you can try these methods I am about to show you.

  • Clear the browsing history of your phone or any device
  • try to login again after that 4 days.

Secondly, try this order ways for a fast reply on how to unlock your banned Facebook account.

During this second stage of how to open your blocked Facebook account.

You will be required to fill in your real names, phone numbers, email addresses.

Those details must be what you use to create a Facebook account.

If Facebook are not still convinced about what you are doing then you will be asked to upload your profile photo.

You might also need to show your ID proof for identity verification which involves either a Voters Card, International passport, and Driver Licenses.

However, if you try all these means and Facebook still block your account. It can be for some reason best known to them.

But do let me know if this article is helpful towards what you were expecting.

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If you still have any other challenge you to need us to help you with, still take advantage of the comment.



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