Wondering what are the duties of government to its people in Nigeria?

However, we will let you understand what are the responsibility and duties of the state, federal and governmental organizations to their citizens.

Since the civil culture has actually surrendered their right to take care of themselves to the government for the usual good of every person.

Besides, the federal government as a turn owes specific tasks and obligations to civil society.

These obligations and duties of the government are something a great many people don’t know about. This post was composed to open such to you and for scholarly purposes.

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What are the Duties of Government to the People?

The following are the obligations and duties of the government to the individuals.

1. Upkeep of the Federal Law and Order

It is the prime obligation of the government to keep the general public unblemished and in harmony.

Support of peace is guaranteed through the police, military, and the courts by securing the freedoms of people in the general public.

However, This is finished by managing the lead of people living inside the general public and rebuffing offenders of the law.

2. Protecting Properties and Lives of the inhabitants

It is the duty of the federal government to ensures that everyone lives ae secure.

But not just to live but residential properties of the people residing within the country and also outside the country must be protected.

However, this guarantees the satisfaction of the right to life and also the right to possess and make use of homes.

3. Support the External Relationships between countries

It is the right of the governments to support good external relationships with other nations is a sight to make sure serene co-existence between Nigeria as well as residents of other countries.

However, this will not just build peace between but as well provide good development between both countries.

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4. Ensure citizens are employed

Many people do think that is not the right of the governments to provide job opportunity to the citizens.

But that, not the truth.

It is among the duties of the federal government to give employment opportunities for the residents.

Where this can not be done easily for all.

Leaders of the federal government must give an enabling environment for citizens to create an alternative source of income for their families.

However, this can be done by the government if aid is given.

Yet, there must be a decrease in import tax obligations or tax obligations.

5. Gives space to Democracy and Social Justice

One of the important duties of governments is also to promote freedom as well as social justice.

However, it will be through the democracy and social justice practice that the citizens will exercise their privacy rights.

Through this, the will be appreciated totally and also everyone will certainly be able to realize his possibilities.

6. The stipulation of Social Well-Being of the citizens

The government of the country has every right to provide the necessary social welfare of its inhabitants.

However, the government must have generated profit from different sources of the country’s wealth.

Besides, Nigerian are one of the oil-producing countries in the world and the fund generated from it should be used for infrastructures.

It is one of the duties for the government of Nigeria to provides basic necessaries of life through the income generated from these resources.

This consists of roads, health centers, great pipe-borne water, electrical power as well as education.

In addition to that.

It is the right for the government to ensure that any other social service for humanities are kept in the proportion of improving the standard of living of citizens.

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7. Promote the Economic Development of the country

Economic development also happens to be one of the major sources of income in Nigeria.

However, It is also one of the duties of the government of Nigeria to handbag excellent fiscal and financial policies that will certainly promote economic growth and advancement.

8. Defense of Civil Right

When civil rights are tempered upon, it is said that the duties of Government to their citizens are not in proper form.

However, the government must likewise ensure that the essential civils rights of the people are shielded.

Yet this can be done by the federal government if the government enables the judiciary to be independent.

Besides, this is in regards to adjudicate without worry or favor when residents demand remedy if their civil liberties are infringed.

9. Provide Standard Education

Without education, the country will not move forward to the next level.

However, it is the duty of the governments to ensure that their citizens receive standard and affordable education to accomplish their career life.

When this is not given proper attention,

It turns out to be that the government duties are not completely carried out by federal power.

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10. Ensure Constant Electricity supply

Electricity is the backbone of sustainable business in the country.

In regard to this.

It is proper for the government to ensure that its citizens receive standard and constant electricity supply that will help shed its business and increase the country’s economic growth.


What do you think about these 10 duties of government in Nigeria to their citizens?

Besides, do you feel that the government has provided all the necessary things to equip the country?

Let me know your own opinion down in the comment below.



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