Would you like to know the prices of foodstuffs in Nigeria?

No matter who you are or what you are doing, we all love food and need to know the price.

However, the prices of foodstuffs in Nigeria is deffer from other countries

If you are just moving into the country and want to know the prices of food items.

We will inform you what is the price of each foodstuff in Nigeria so you could be on the safe side of life.

Besides, everybody needs food to continue living even an animal need food as well.

Food has become one of the most important commodities in the market has people’s lives depend on it.

This shows that food is very very important to everyone.

However, If you really want to know the price of foodstuffs in Nigeria

You need to first know how the measure the quantity of each foodstuff over here and understand what you expect.

In this article, I am going to list all the foodstuffs in Nigeria and their prices.

How they measure (that is the quantity) will also be added to this article in other to enlighten you the more.

However, some of the foodstuffs you will come across will be rice, beans, noddles, yam, tomatoes, cocoyam, onions, crayfish, pepper, Maggi (seasoning), salt, palm oil, groundnut oil, and fish.

Some of these foodstuffs prices can also be deffer in different locations of the country.

But it will just be a small Naira (the Nigerian currency) added on top or reduce depends on where you are living in Nigeria.

Now let find out the prices of foodstuffs in Nigeria.

Prices of Foodstuffs in Nigeria

Prices of Foodstuffs in Nigeria

Here are the prices of foodstuffs in Nigeria if you want to the cost and how they measure the quantities.

Foodstuffs in NigeriaPrices in Nigerian currency (N)
80kg Bag of Garri (Ijebu)N10,500
50kg Bag of Garri (White)N6,500 to N7,500
50kg Bag of Garri (Yellow)N6,500 to N7,500
5 Liters of Palm OilN2,200 to N2,500
20 Liters of Palm OilN8,800 to N9,000
30 Liters of Palm OilN12,800 to N13,000
Dangote Spaghetti (500g)N200 to N250
Golden Penny Spaghetti (500g)N200 to N250
Bonita Spaghetti (500g)N250 to N300
Power Spaghetti (500g)N200 to N250
Big Basket of Sweet PotatoN500 to N650
Small Basket of Sweet potatoN300 to N400
Big Basket of Irish PotatoN1,900 to N2,200
Medium Basket of Irish PotatoN1,000 to N1,300
Small Basket of Irish PotatoN500 – N700
5 Liters of Groundnut OilN2,300 to N2,500
20 Liters of Groundnut OilN9,000 to N9,500
30 Liters of Groundnut OilN13,500 to N14,000
5 Liters of Wesson Vegetable OilN4,500 to N4,700
5 Liters of Kings Vegetable OilN2,900 to N3,000
3.8 Liters of Mamador Vegetable OilN3,000 to N3,200
3 Liters of Power Vegetable OilN2,400 to N2,600
Dangote Sugar (50kg)N17,000 to N17, 300
St. Louis Suar Cube (500g)N300 to N400
Golden Penny Sugar Cube (500g)N300 to N4000
A loaf of Bread (small size)N70 to N150
A loaf of Bread (medium size)N300 to N500
Crat of EggsN1100 to N1300

Prices of Rice in Nigeria

There are so many types of rice brands in Nigeria and as such, prices also defer according to rice brands.

However, I will try as much as possible to cover some of the outstanding rice brands in Nigeria including the Local made rice.

Besides, you also need to know that the prices of the rice brand are different when purchased in-store and in the market.

For instance, the local rice price in Gboko Main Market, Benue is N14,000 while the price of that same local rice in Bodija Market, Ibadan is N20,000.

This shows that if you want to venture into the business of selling rice, it will be nice if you purchase in Gboko Main Market, Benue.

Here are the prices of Rice in Nigeria;

Rice brands in NigeriaPrices in Nigerian Currency (N)
50kg Bag of Local RiceN14,000 to N25,000
50kg Bag of Polished RiceN22,000 to N28,000
5kg Bag of Ofada RiceN2,800 to N3,500
50kg Bag of Ofada RiceN25,000 to N28,000
A Cup of Local RiceN800
A Cup of Polished RiceN100 to N130
50kg Bag of Mama Gold RiceN26,000 to N32,000
Royal Stallion Rice (50kg)N25,500 to N31,500
50kg Bag of Rice Master RiceN26,000 to N31,000
25kg Bag of Rice Master RiceN13,000 to N16,500
50kg Bag of Cap RiceN25,500 to N32,000
25kg Bag of Cap RiceN13,000 to N17,000
25kg Bag of Falcon RiceN8,000 to N10,000
5kg Bag of Basmati RiceN4,000 to N4,800

Prices of Beans in Nigeria

Prices of Foodstuffs in Nigeria

Beans are also one of the favorite food of many Nigeria especially guys.

However, there are ways some individuals enjoy their beans to be cooked.

You can choose to cook the beans with Plantain, with yam, rice, or just beans alone.

Besides, beans can also be used for the production of Moi-Moi, Akara (local cake), porridge beans, or Gbegiri Soup.

In fact, beans are high proteinous and rich with irons.

Nevertheless, there are many types of beans in Nigeria if you want to consider eating beans today.

Some of the beans categories you will come across in the Nigerian market are;

  • Ion beans
  • Lima beans
  • Olotun beans
  • Oloyin beans
  • Zebra beans
  • White beans
  • Brown beans
Beans in NigeriaPrices in Nigerian currency (N)
50kg Bag of Oloyin BeansN30,000 to N39,000
25kg Bag of Oloyin BeansN15,000 to N19,000
A cup of Oloyin BeansN100
50kg Bag of Olotun BeansN29,000 to N36,000
25kg Bag of Olotun BeansN14,000 to N17,500
A cup of Olotun BeansN100
50kg Bag of Lima BeansN33,000
25kg Bag of Lima BeansN16,500
A cup of Lima BeansN110
50kg Bag of White BeansN32,000
50kg Bag of Brown BeansN32,000
A cup of Brown BeansN90
A cup of White BeansN80

Prices of Noodles in Nigeria

Photo Credit: Cosmetic square Nigeria

When talking about noodles, many people in Nigerian especially the children and the bachelors love cooking it.

However, noodles are one of the fast cooked and best alternative to solve your hungry.

If you want to call noodles in Nigeria, it may likely look strange in some local stores because they love attributing the Indomie brand as a noodle.

Besides, Indomie is not the only brand of noodles in Nigeria but it is one of the best and first noodles in Nigeria.

In fact, here are other types of noodles in Nigeria.

  • Indomie Noodles
  • Chiki Noodles
  • Golden Penny Noodles
  • Uno Noodles
  • Minimi Noodles
  • Dangote Noodles and many more
Types of Noodles in NigeriaPrices (N)
Superpack Indomie Noodles (120g x 40ps) cartoonN3,300 to N3,400
Hungry Man size Indomie Noodles (200g x 24ps) cartoonN4,300 to N4,500
Chicken Indomie Noodles (70g x 40ps) cartoonN1,900 to N2,100
Onion Indomie Noodles (70g x 40ps) cartoonN2,100 to N2,200
Belleful Indomie Noodles (305g x 16ps) cartoonN4,300 to N4,500
Chiki Instant Noodles cartoon (100g x 40)N3,000 to N3,200
Golden Penny Instant Noodles cartoon (70g x 40ps)N2,100 to N2300
Dangote Instant Noodles cartoon (70g x 40ps)N1700 to N1900

Prices of Yam in Nigeria

Photo Credit: StartupTipsDaily.com

A tuber of yam can cost for something between N100 to N1,000 depends on the size.

However, yam is also Nigerian favorite food and many individuals have their ways of enjoying it.

You can choose to cook yam with beans or just like that either with other food ingredients or eat it with palm oil.

Besides, there are various way Nigerian choose to call yam, either Udia (in Efik/Ibibio language), Abuja yam, Benue yam, Bwari Yam and as many languages attributions.

You can also choose to do porridge yam which is more nutritious or pounded with white soap (I love eating it).

Nevertheless, here are the types of Yams in Nigeria and their prices.

  • Medium size of yam (N200 to N400)
  • The large size of Yam (N500 toN1,000)
  • Abuja Yam (N500 to 700) for medium size
  • The large size of Abuja yam (N700 to N1000)
  • Benue Yam (N250 to N450) for medium size
  • The Large size of Benue yam (N600 to N800)
  • The bulk of 5 tubers of Yams (N2,500 to N9,000) depends on the size and it is mostly required as marriage items.

Prices of Beverages in Nigeria

Prices of Foodstuffs in Nigeria
Photo Credit: Qwenu.com

If you love wake-up in the morning being served tea, then you need to prices of beverages in Nigeria.

Prices of beverages in Nigeria defer with brands and your choice.

However, most of these prices are different in various locations like Abuja and Lagos.

Besides, stores or shopping centers have different price tags for different beverages.

But in this article, I will bring you the most often prices of these various beverages.

Here are the Prices of Beverage in Nigeria.

Beverages in NigeriaPrices in Nigerian curency (N)
500g of Plastic BournvitaN950 to N1000
900g of Plastic BournvitaN1,600 to N1800
500g of Refill Ovaltine N850 to N950
500g of Plastic OvaltineN900 to N100
500g of Tin MiloN1,000 to N1200
900g of Tin MiloN1,900 to N2000
500g of Refill MiloN950 to N1000
50g of Classic Coffee NescafeN550 to N600
52g of label Coffee NescafeN230 to N300
Gold Blend Coffee NescafeN1,600- N1800
52g of Top TeaN200- N300
400g of Tin Peak Milk (Powdered)N1,150 to N1,200
500g of Refill Peak Milk (Powdered)N950 to N1,100
900g of Tin Peak Milk (Powdered)N1,900 to N2,000
500g of Tin Dano Milk (Powdered)N900 to N1,000
900g of Tin Dano Milk (Powdered)N1,650 to N1,700
500g of Refill Dano MilkN800 to N1000
380g of Three Crowns MilkN850 to N1,000
400g of Tin Loya Milk (Powdered)N800 to N950
400g of Refill Loya Milk (Powdered)N700 to N850
500g of Coast Milk (Powdered)N700 to N800

The Health Benefits of Foods to Human Body.

Foods are a very important substance in the human body but real food are one of the best factors for humans growth.

However, most of the foodstuffs are unprocessed, rich with vitamins and nutrients.

While some are processed food items that are preserved with the chemical.

Besides, to stay on the brighter side of life you need to know the benefit of foodstuffs you choose to purchase in from the market.

And what time is the best time to eat that particular type of food?

Nevertheless, in this section, we will talk about some of the foodstuffs in Nigeria and their benefit to the human body.

Health Benefit of Garri

Garri is one of the foodstuffs most of the Nigerian can’t leave without.

However, garri is processed from the cassava root.

When you uproot cassava, you will pile the cover of the root and grind it before you fried it.

Besides, here are the nutritious ingredient in Garri;

  • Stach
  • Fiber
  • Magnesium
  • Copper
  • Hydrocyanic acid (cyanide)
  • Fats
  • Calcium
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • Vitamin A, B, and C

And here are also the healthy benefit of Garri (Cassava root) to the human body.

  • Good for weight loss
  • Help in Improving your digestive systems
  • Help in stimulating your red blood cell.
  • Could prevent you from cancer.
  • It could also help to cure chronic Diarrhoea.

The bad effect of drinking garri too much or in a sufficient quantity;

  • Serious eye defects which could lead to partial blindness.
  • It could lead to intestinal issues and gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Ulcer bleeding which can lead to you becoming weak and anemic.

Health Benefit of Local Rice and Polished Rice

When talking about rice in Nigerian we are directly discussing the polished rice (white rice) and local rice (Ofada rice).

However, rice is one of the highly consumable foodstuffs in Nigeria and it is also sold at a high price.

Besides, white rice is imported rice to Nigeria while the local rice is planted in some parts of the country.

When talking about the health benefit of both polished rice and Ofada rice.

You will need to agree with me that Ofada rice is more nutritious than Polished rice.

However, here are what you need to know about both rice according to the American Heart Association (AHA).

Local rice (Ofada rice) is rich with all the health benefits of rice.

But the polished rice is refined rice which loss the fiber and nutrients including vitamin A, B, irons, and Cholesterol and more.

Besides, here are the nutritious content in Rice.

  • Fat
  • Irons
  • Cholesterol,
  • Vitamin B3 (niacin)
  • Sodium
  • Folic acid
  • Manganese
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Dietary Fiber
  • Carbohydrate
  • Sugars 
  • Protein
  • Calories

Here are also the health benefit of Rice (most especially found in Local riceOfada rice” or “Abakaliki rice ” or “Abantan Rice“).

  • Prevent diabetes
  • Enriched with a good energy source.
  • Help to low inflammation.
  • It could improve and boost metabolism.
  • Rich with fiber.
  • It helps to reduce the risk of chronic disease.
  • Rich with vitamins and minerals.
  • Enriched with enough antioxidants.
  • Could help prevents constipation
  • Help advance your immunity system.
  • Provide healthy bones and prevent any bone diseases.
  • prevent you from having a sleep disorder
  • Best for a pregnant woman to help build the unborn child
  • Help in protecting the heart from diseases
  • Rich in Carbohydrates.

How do prices of Foodstuff change in Nigeria?

At the time of writing this article, these were the prices of foodstuffs but we all know that the prices can change at any time.

However, this piece of a written document is to guide you on what you expect in the market or in-store to avoid being cheated.

To be a safe side and learn new things in the way you want.

We have just been able to cover some of the most important prices of foodstuffs in Nigeria.

So when next you are planning for shopping or visiting Nigeria for a vacation.

You should have these prices on your Google keep to understand how do shopping in Nigeria and save a lot of money.

If you think there are some foodstuffs in the article that are not appropriate, kindly tell us in the comment.

Or if you want to know the prices of foodstuffs in Nigeria that are not mentioned in this article.

Still, kindly utilize the comment has we will moderate each of your comments accordingly.

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